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Looking to develop a Biomedical Equipment Dashboard?

A Biomedical Equipment Dashboard is a special dashboard which shows statistics of assets, calls outstanding, flagged requests, and detail categorization of data like Total Uptime, Breakdown History, Critical assets, BER (Beyond Economic Repair) assets etc. Such dashboards are used by large hospital chains, or local governments to get a birds-eye view of, and to provide a proper maintenance system for breakdowns of critical (life-saving) equipment like Dialysis machines, defibrillators, X-ray machines, or surgery-room equipments etc.

We are specialists in developing cloud dashboards, mobile applications and and end-to-end software for biomedical equipment management services. We have years of experience in developing, rolling-out and maintaining such software. Any such dashboard must provide a facility to drill-down into data and get detailed statistics (by geography, equipment type, type of hospital etc.) and download reports. The software should provide for showing customized data after login by a specific type of stakeholder - different view for hospital administrators, different view for technicians, different view for public etc.

Please check out the dashboard we have developed and deployed for one of our clients, which is being used for managing the public hospitals of entire Indian state of Kerala - for servicing a population of almost 35 million people. The features of this dashboard are as follows:

  • Near real-time integration with Task-management ERP system
  • Two-level drill-down facility - by geography, then by hospital type
  • Different Views for various stakeholders

Click here to see the Kerala Biomedical Equipment Management dashboard

We have developed an entire cloud-based ERP and Task Management system to integrate with this dashboard. Thus, the entire end-to-end system of logging a call request, routing to technician based on intelligent rules, auto-upgradation of service request priority to save penalty costs, task management, and daily email reminders and special workflows - all are automated, and provided to technicians as an android app.

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